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Meet Robyn

"Time is flying by and we are all living in the era of STRESS. My passion as a Naturopath is to help you find your Bliss and recover your Mojo, so that you're not just coasting through life, but making dreams come true.”

My Story

Robyn as had a lifetime of experience with developing alternative health plans for her own complicated health conditions and has spent 6 years studying the scientific approach to functional medicine using herbal & nutritional medicine, homeopathy, flower essences and reiki. Now she combines her inherent passion for seeking the cause of any health issue with traditional and clinical knowledge.

​Robyn has bloomed into becoming a certified Naturopath with a variety of Natural therapy associations (ANPA, NHAA, AHA,) and is keen to see this modality included in mainstream health services. As if having many life paths that lead her to this place, Robyn has been a ceramic artist, art studio and gallery manager, arts therapy tutor and program manager for adults with complex disabilities, bookkeeper, Paralympian in field athletics and Druid. All these many experiences add to the very unique, heart felt way you can expect to be supported in treatment with Robyn.

Robyn has only recently settled in Western Australia after 2 decades living in Canberra and growing up in Central West NSW. She has spent time as a nomad in her caravan and working as a locum for other naturopaths as she journeyed. Now she is residing on the West Coast to share her passion for the art of complementary medicine, compassion to support her patient’s health and well-being. She looks forward to being part of a supportive team of professionals you use for your best health outcomes.

Through extensive study and lived experience Robyn is adept at treating chronic health issues such as: coughs, allergies, Arthritis, Metabolic Syndrome, Menstrual irregularities, Addiction,Male urogenital concerns, unresolved wounds and inflammation, sleep, bladder, weight and anxiety issues. An Alchemist at heart, Robyn will concoct a unique treatment program and medicine to meet your condition in both oral, topical, environmental formulas and the benefits of Reiki along with coaching to support with an existing health condition or improving your well-being with preventative healthcare.

I am ready to be part of your team! The travelling Naturopath specialising in Herbal, Nutritional and Energetic support via video chat and phone consultations to be part of your team for Wellness and Recovery.
Let me help you Adapt to Care.


I'm always looking forward to helping others adapt to wise self-care.


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